GN$F! WATCH: Dre’s third single debuts on Showtime’s Fight Camp 360°: Pacquiao and Mosley

If you missed last night’s debut of Dr. Dre’s third single, Die Hard, on Showtime’s Fight Camp 360º: Pacquiao Vs. Mosley – well, don’t trip here’s an encore presentation. It was the final installment of Showtime’s four-part documentary series on Pacquiao and Mosley. The show goes behind the scenes of the preparation for the welterweight championship […]

GN$F! WTFlocka? Video: Kanye West’s “Monster”

Wowzers, some folks are disturbed by the dark imagery Kanye West is bringing. But remember how disturbing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was back in the day? Photographer-turned-big-time-music video director, Jake Nava brings “Monster” track to life visually. Well sort of to life. Ironically, all the background models are either dead or about to be deaded. Nicki […]