GNSF! Why you don’t know a thing about karma and Rick Ross

[blackbirdpie id=”124917889592594433″] People always love to use the word “karma” in the context of revenge, retribution, or punishment to make themselves feel better when they are hurt. It always comes from the mouths of people who know nothing about karma nor practice the religions of Hinduism or Buddhism. Listen, karma doesn’t work that way. The […]

GN$F! WATCH: Dre’s third single debuts on Showtime’s Fight Camp 360°: Pacquiao and Mosley

If you missed last night’s debut of Dr. Dre’s third single, Die Hard, on Showtime’s Fight Camp 360º: Pacquiao Vs. Mosley – well, don’t trip here’s an encore presentation. It was the final installment of Showtime’s four-part documentary series on Pacquiao and Mosley. The show goes behind the scenes of the preparation for the welterweight championship […]

GN$F! WTFlocka? Video: Kanye West’s “Monster”

Wowzers, some folks are disturbed by the dark imagery Kanye West is bringing. But remember how disturbing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was back in the day? Photographer-turned-big-time-music video director, Jake Nava brings “Monster” track to life visually. Well sort of to life. Ironically, all the background models are either dead or about to be deaded. Nicki […]