GNSF! [VIDEO] Diss-Track: ‘F The White Girl Mob starring Kreayshawn’

If you’re a traditional Hip-Hop fan and you’re confused on Kreayshawn’s dubious success, you may love San Diego rapper Princess Leah’s latest diss-track: “F The White Girl Mob Starring Kreayshawn.” What gives this song more legitimacy is the beef comes from a fellow White rapper. Princess Leah doesn’t hold back on her penmanship skills either […]

GN$F! Lil Wayne makes ‘Gucci Gucci’ the new Hilfiger

#nodisrepect But rappers sure do know how to shamelessly worship brand names. Lil Wayne has officially made Gucci the new Hilfiger of the rap millennium. His “Sorry For The Wait” mixtape just dropped as a free download. [blackbirdpie id=”91229492982452224″] Weezy rocked Kreashawn’s, Oakland rapstress, “Gucci Gucci” track and is now a trending topic (#TT ) […]