GNSF! [LOL EPISODE] King Bachelor’s Pad ‘Hot Zombie’

The latest installment to L.A. comedian King Bach’s webisode series “King Bachelor’s Pad” is so ridiculously well-done it’s a wonder why it’s not been picked up by Comedy Central. You got legitimate actors, stunt coordination, and crazy camera movements, and hilarious writing. The best part: White protagonist actually dies first. Sorry, for the spoiler alert, […]

GN$F! Kanye West & Rhymefest’s “Alligator Boots” too good for TV

Kanye West and Rhymefest are putting their minds together to bring their script-writing skills; love for “Crank Yankers” “The Muppets” and “SNL”, and of course hip-hop together into weekly series TV show “Alligator Boots” – and it’s going to entertaining, self-deprecating, political, humorous musical – MUST SEE TV. Or as West said “culturally significant.”

GN$F! Jamie Foxx tells Kimmel, Twitter makes it hard to lie to your girl

Comedian turned Oscar-winning actor, Jamie Foxx, made his promotional appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for his executive producer role on Affion Crockett’s new FOX variety show “In The Flow.” His comedy chops are still on swolle. Watch what Foxx has to say about about having a girlfriend and having a Twitter account. Plus, his going-back-to-Africa mission.