GNSF! Why you don’t know a thing about karma and Rick Ross

[blackbirdpie id=”124917889592594433″] People always love to use the word “karma” in the context of revenge, retribution, or punishment to make themselves feel better when they are hurt. It always comes from the mouths of people who know nothing about karma nor practice the religions of Hinduism or Buddhism. Listen, karma doesn’t work that way. The […]

GN$F! How come you’re following Charlie Sheen and not James Franco?

James Franco? Winning. Charlie Sheen on the other hand? Not Winning. It’s incredible how quickly America jumped on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon. This is the same guy that directly insulted every working-class American. In his own words, he said that we live ‘boring normal lives‘ in ABC’s Andrea Canning one-on-one interview? Yet, two million and […]