GNSF! Did You Know I Wear Eyeglasses? Not Faux Geek Chic, But Eye Need Glasses …

  Did you know I wear eyeglasses? Not the faux eye wear trying to look geek chic but, as in eye need glasses because I-can’t-read-beyond-my-driver’s-windshield. I’ve always been insecure about wearing eyeglasses in public because they’re coke-bottle thick. To mask that insecurity I’ve always worn contact lenses despite the fatigue it causes my eyes. In […]

GN$F! Grammys Turn-ons & Turn-offs

GRAMMYS Biggest turn-offs: Juanes intro’d Frank Ocean? Wiz Khalifa’s superugly suit showing his skeleton chest; Nas losing to Drake, FUN’s rain performance=lipsync? Rihanna’s extra ombre weave and stripper dress. Biggest turn-ons: Seeing Nas in a suit; Bruno Mars rocking with Sting #Perfect; Carrie Underwood’s visual arts dress #feltlikeakid; Alicia Keys reminding me of Shiela E. […]