GN$F! CHUUUCH! Oprah & Jay Z Give You ‘The Word’ in “Master Class”

Feel the message. CHUUUCH! Hip-Hop icon Jay-Z says, “Knowing who you are…is the foundation of everything great.” Hova’s “Master Class” episode premiered on New Year’s Day, the same day of Oprah’s network launch OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). There are so many obstacles for someone trying to make in Hip-Hop. The pressures of fulfilling the false […]

GN$F! WTFlocka? Video: Kanye West’s “Monster”

Wowzers, some folks are disturbed by the dark imagery Kanye West is bringing. But remember how disturbing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was back in the day? Photographer-turned-big-time-music video director, Jake Nava brings “Monster” track to life visually. Well sort of to life. Ironically, all the background models are either dead or about to be deaded. Nicki […]