GNSF! [VIDEO] Francisca Valenzuela Tackles Issues in ‘Buen Soldado’

Francisca Valenzuela came correct with “Buen Soldado” tackling issues on the perceptions of women’s roles. The video opens up with a booty shot then the camera tilts up to show the woman’s bare back receiving a tramp stamp, except it’s a tattoo saying Francisca Valenzuela in calligraphy. Where rap videos cement women as 24/7 sexual […]

GNSF! Conservative S.E. Cupp Can Now Relate To Pro-Choice Sandra Fluke

Conservative commentator, S.E. Cupp, now has something in common with an unlikely foe, Sandra Fluke, both targets of public misogynistic humiliation. Cupp recently appeared in Hustler Magazine with a penis in her mouth. The publisher of the porno magazine, Larry Flynt, defends it as “public satire.”  This is not satire. This is a sophomoric photoshop job […]

GNSF! [VIDEO] Diss-Track: ‘F The White Girl Mob starring Kreayshawn’

If you’re a traditional Hip-Hop fan and you’re confused on Kreayshawn’s dubious success, you may love San Diego rapper Princess Leah’s latest diss-track: “F The White Girl Mob Starring Kreayshawn.” What gives this song more legitimacy is the beef comes from a fellow White rapper. Princess Leah doesn’t hold back on her penmanship skills either […]