GNSF! Crazy Legs on CNN ‘How Breakdancing Inspires Ugandan Youth’

Wowzers Cadowzers! The revolution has been televised: Breakdancing inspires youth in Uganda. And Crazy Legs is the leader. You know you’re doing big things when you’re A.K.A. is made middle name to your government name. Legs was introduced by CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux as Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon.” She asked him how she should address him […]

GNSF! Lauryn Hill’s Mug Shot Released

Pay your taxes, is the lesson. IRS is making an example of Hip-Hop’s Queen, Lauryn Hill. The mugshot for Lauryn Hill emerged today as the Grammy award-winning singer awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to misdemeanor tax evasion charges on June 29. Hill now faces a possible three-year prison sentence after admitting she failed to file […]

GNSF! Conservative S.E. Cupp Can Now Relate To Pro-Choice Sandra Fluke

Conservative commentator, S.E. Cupp, now has something in common with an unlikely foe, Sandra Fluke, both targets of public misogynistic humiliation. Cupp recently appeared in Hustler Magazine with a penis in her mouth. The publisher of the porno magazine, Larry Flynt, defends it as “public satire.”  This is not satire. This is a sophomoric photoshop job […]