GNSF! Conservative S.E. Cupp Can Now Relate To Pro-Choice Sandra Fluke

Conservative commentator, S.E. Cupp, now has something in common with an unlikely foe, Sandra Fluke, both targets of public misogynistic humiliation. Cupp recently appeared in Hustler Magazine with a penis in her mouth. The publisher of the porno magazine, Larry Flynt, defends it as “public satire.”  This is not satire. This is a sophomoric photoshop job […]

GNSF! [VIDEO] Diss-Track: ‘F The White Girl Mob starring Kreayshawn’

If you’re a traditional Hip-Hop fan and you’re confused on Kreayshawn’s dubious success, you may love San Diego rapper Princess Leah’s latest diss-track: “F The White Girl Mob Starring Kreayshawn.” What gives this song more legitimacy is the beef comes from a fellow White rapper. Princess Leah doesn’t hold back on her penmanship skills either […]

GNSF! Why the FBI tapped Talib Kweli x ‘The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975’

Even if it’s old news, it’s probably new news especially if it’s been purposely hidden from the people as an agenda to continue to keep the people miseducated.  This little known Sundance film entry “The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975” is a powerful treasure trove of footage collected by Swedish Television journalists. They packed it all […]

GNSF! [AUDIO] Dayana Mendoza accuses Lisa Lampanelli of stereotyping Latinas as baby-making machines

Did comedian Lisa Lampanelli really stereotype Latinas as baby-making machines? The Queen of Mean Lampanelli has made no secret of the fact that she can’t stand her fellow “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Dayana Mendoza, a former Miss Universe from Venezuela (GN$F!’s girl crush). But during a radio interview last week, Lampanelli — who usually just mocks […]

Good Girls, Bad Girls, Sluts, Moms: How Women’s Identities Form and Building Better Girls

source: Forbes Women This month we’re talking about “Blueprints For Building Better Girls” by Elissa Schappell. The slut. The good girl. The party girl. The anorexic. The starving artist. The single mom. The childless wife. The reluctant mother. Are these women that you know? Are you one of them? Schappell set out to write a […]