Comfortable in Her “Snakeskin”

Sara Perez, a multi-instrumentalist and music teacher, is getting geared up to perform in the Tennessee Williams-inspired dance drama “Snakeskin,” which debuts May 15-17 at UCSD’s Forum Theater. A year ago, the Baltimore-raised musician was invited by composer Krishan Oberoi to become a member of Sacra/Profana, a professional choral organization popularly known as San Diego’s go-to […]

S.D. Latino Film Festival’s Top 3 Music Docs

The San Diego Latino Film Festival (SDLFF) in now in its remarkable 21st year, and is returning with the third installment of Documania!, showcasing the best in non-fiction films by some of today’s brightest Latino filmmakers. Local musicians can earn points for themselves by watching enriching music documentaries and get in on the networking action […]

GNSF! Larry Hernandez is El Amigo de Todos

Source: The ironic and curious pairing of a name such as Larry Hernandez is like being named Pancho Smith, but it’s just one of those things that American Latinos do so well — rocking cultures of both sides of La Frontera successfully. He is one of Los Angeles’s greatest American Latino entertainers and he’s currently […]

GNSF! Did You Know I Wear Eyeglasses? Not Faux Geek Chic, But Eye Need Glasses …

  Did you know I wear eyeglasses? Not the faux eye wear trying to look geek chic but, as in eye need glasses because I-can’t-read-beyond-my-driver’s-windshield. I’ve always been insecure about wearing eyeglasses in public because they’re coke-bottle thick. To mask that insecurity I’ve always worn contact lenses despite the fatigue it causes my eyes. In […]