Michael Peña: “Respect the Ñ”

Michael Pena Cesar Chavez Photo Call Berlin wsN-teaUIJtlMichael Peña, star of the Diego Luna’s biopic “Cesar Chavez,” is really annoyed that news outlets have been publishing his name without the ñ. How can anyone blame him? There’s a huge difference between PEN-A and PEN-YAH. The actor, who plays labor leader César Chávez in the upcoming movie César Chávez, made this awesome video about the importance of the ñ, and why the English language needs to stop neglecting it.

And just to remind you all, it’s Zoe Saldaña, not Saldana. It’s jalapeño, not jalapeno. It’s mañana, not manana — you get the idea.

“Ñ, it’s like an N, with a mustache”

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