GNSF! [PHOTOS] All My Friends Music Festival 2013

Had an incredible time talking with the new wave of Latin Alternative indie artists at the fourth annual All My Friends Music Festival in Tijuana at the Casa de la Cultura. My favorite conversation had to be with Estonian-born now living in Brooklyn vocalist/DJ, Maria Minerva. We had a lot in common even down to our feminist ideals and to the lipstick we wore. Funny to look back at our photo and see how different the same pink lipstick could contrast on our varying skin colors. Once again I have to shout out to Marty Preciado, for her relentless passion for giving indie music exposure in our beloved city of Tijuana.

Stay tuned for the GN$F! exclusive interview of the AMF Music Festival on NBC 7’s “SoundDiego” Dec. 7 after SNL.

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