GNSF! Things You Didn’t Know About Scott LaRock & It’s Not About Being a ‘Super-Hoe’


What can I say? The name Scott LaRock is synonymous with my youth. I played the hell out of my Criminal Minded cassette growing up. I played that cassette tape every bus trip to high school. When I was pissed, Criminal Minded brought me back up. When I felt dissed, Criminal Minded brought me back up. When I needed inspiration, Criminal Minded brought me back up. Even when I felt happy, Criminal Minded was my go-to album.

Criminal Minded is BDP’s magnus opus. It is Hip-Hop’s magnus opus. You feel me?

This BDP album made such an impact on how I would forever judge hip-hop music. When rap albums came out and it didn’t surpass the sonic boom baps of Scott LaRock, I dismissed it as garbage.

The late Scott LaRock is a genius for creating the BDP sound — and business style. Two things I couldn’t help to think about him was, one: he was a musical genius. And two: he was a “Super-Hoe.”

I mean, can you blame me? KRS-One blatantly raps about LaRock on Side 2, Track No. 9. The lyrics go:

Scott LaRock had ’em all
He is the super-hoe

Scott LaRock has done and most likely said
He doesn’t argue with a girl cause yes, he has others
Keep updated on all kind of rubbers
Got ones that are lambskin, others that are plastic

Which brings me back to the headline of this blog post. There has to be more to the story of Scott LaRock. And the one riveting million dollar question in Hip-Hop history: Who the fu** killed LaRock?

The network TV One doesn’t exactly answer the question, but their show “Celebrity Crime Files” definitely produced a fine piece about Scott LaRock’s life and his untimely death. The show featured compellingly detailed commentary from KRS-One, LaRock’s mother, Carolyn Morant and brother, Chris Sterling; the elusive Ced Gee (who anonymously produced Criminal Minded), Castle D and DJ Kool Red Alert.

You learn that Scott “LaRock” Sterling was a social worker by day, a Hip-Hop DJ by night. He was about making a living the honest way. LaRock was a college educated man with a business degree who had a ridiculously discerning ear for making Hip-Hop music that attracted everyone’s ears. The piece also reveals  how KRS-One and LaRock met, surprisingly it wasn’t at a hip-hop battle, but at a shelter where LaRock worked as a social worker and where KRS-One lived — even down to the small details of the bullet size that killed LaRock …

Yes, you’re going to want to watch this. Thank you TV One for breaking it down on cable for everyone to marvel at how real and kind Scott LaRock was.

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