GNSF! CNN’s Don Lemon Responds to Bill O’Reilly: Top 5 Things Blacks Need to Do

Don Lemon says Bill O'Reilly is actually, right.

Don Lemon says Bill O’Reilly is actually, right.

The Zimmerman verdict really got America talking about the topic of race again. They try to deflect and say racism can’t exist because we got a Black president in the White House, well, racism is still alive and remarkably the most indignant case of racism, lies within our Black communities — Black on Black crime, which was discussed candidly by Don Lemon’s “Talking Points” on CNN this weekend.

On Saturday, Lemon made the unlikely agreement with O’Reilly’s commentary about the problems in the African-American community by saying, “He is right…But in my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough.” It marked a milestone on the issue of racism between two polarizing news anchors, Don Lemon and Bill O’Reilly, the latter being the most polarizing, while Lemon may be called an “Oreo” by some Blacks, but he is not — it’s just another awful symptom of the crabs-in-a-barrel mentality that goes on in the hood.

Here are Lemon’s Top 5 Things Blacks Need to Do:
5.  Stop sagging pants. WHY? It’s a style originated from prison attire and later developed as a symbol in prison sex roles. Whoever sags the lowest means they want it in the ass. Actually, Lemon used the word “submissive.” He also said the style showed that their “self-esteem is sagging.”4.  Stop using the N***A word. WHY? Just because Jay-Z said, “For our generation, what we did was we took the word and we took the power out of that word,” does not make it justified — ever. Nor when Chris Rock said, “We took this word, and we made it into poetry.” There’s nothing poetic about the calling each other the N-word. You’re just playing into ma’sa’s game.

3.  Respect where you live. WHY? In the White neighborhoods people don’t litter. In the hoods people litter like there’s someone with a broom right behind them to pick up after them. Start small, pick up trash or just don’t litter at all.

2.  Finish school & stop saying kids are acting “White” because they talk right. WHY? Lemon says, “You want to break the cycle of poverty? Stop telling kids they’re acting white because they go to school or they speak proper English.”

1.  Just because you can have a baby, it doesn’t mean you should. WHY? Lemon says,  “More than 72 percent of children in the African-American community are born out of wedlock. That means absent fathers. And the studies show that lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison and the cycle continues.”

What are your thoughts. Did Lemon go too far? GN$F! wants to know.

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