GNSF! [VIDEO] Miguel: ‘I’m so grateful that I am of mixed culture’

GNSF-miguel-kaleidoscope-afrolatinoas featured on NBC 7’s “SoundDiego”

Dreams do come true in Kaleidoscope. That is, for singer Miguel they do, because he’s living the life he always wanted. The musical artist is working with contemporaries he admires like Alicia Keys, who hand-picked him to open up for her Set This World On Fire Tour — at the Valley View Casino Center. These two artists fit the bill together so well that it’s an easy sell. Both have much in common: coming from biracial homes, sticking to their guns when it comes to musical artistry and fashion sense and, last but not least, both have Grammy bragging rights. I caught up with Miguel to talk about his Kaleidoscope Dream life.

DITA QUIÑONES: You’re Afro-Latino. Dad’s Mexican. Mom’s Black. How did you navigate both cultures
MIGUEL:  “I’m actually so grateful that I am of mixed culture. I have a built-in barometer of who it is and what it is I want to be. And what it is I want to accomplish.”

DQ:  I’m so proud of you for winning a Grammy. You’re Afro-Latino creating achievements for our musical landscape. Are you like, ‘FINALLY.” Or, is there more work to do?
M:  I have plenty of work to do. But, it’s a good benchmark. You work hard to reach your goals and it’s kind of the cherry on top – to be noticed and recognized by your peers. It’s been a blessing.”

DQ: What does your album mean to you?
M:  Kaleidoscope Dream — has been getting a lot of attention critically. It’s all been a result of deciding the kind of musician – the kind of career that I’d love to have and the music that I love inspires me.”

In his Grammy-winning for Best R&B song, “Adorn,” you can sense some Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing” inspiration. Miguel told me it wasn’t intentional but the musical greatness of Marvin Gaye will seep through for an artist like himself. With the sounds that are brewing from Kaleidoscope, Miguel’s music is certainly going to be timeless and transcend genres and demographics.


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