GNSF! [VIDEO] Chase ‘We Used 2’ #LBC


Because GN$F! stays true to all things indie and underground – I had to share the latest music video “We Used 2” from LBC rapper, Cha$e. The track is from his upcoming mixtape “L Blue C” hosted by Trap-A-Holics. The track pays homage to the streets that raised him but also proves he’s wizened up to the trappings of street life. Cha$e chose Manolo to direct the video because he says they connected like “chicken and waffles” when it came to music.

Cha$e was born in San Diego to a crack-addicted mother and now reps the LBC every chance he gets. Until the age of nine, his mom’s best friend took Cha$e to live with her in Long Beach city while his mother could recover from drugs. Devoid of a father and mother, Cha$e found kinship with the Eastside Long Beach 19th Street Crips but more importantly took

creative refuge with rap music.

For all you crate diggers, delight in the melodic chorus in “We Used 2,” although the sample sounds like a young Michael Jackson it’s really a sample from “Remember The Rain” performed by 21st Century, an obscure ’70s soul band from Chicago who was once signed to RCA Records.

When asked if he’s left the street life Cha$e anwers, “I can never outgrow the homies.”

“We are forever connected in this street life-type of family. It’s just when you start succeeding – people are stuck in their old ways. Some people like your success, some don’t.”

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