GNSF! Best Week Ever: Legendary Pete Rock as Sports Commentator on ESPN’s ‘First Take’

Okay, I always said this before, Hip-Hop pioneers have the best “barbershop” talk in town when it comes to sports and music, sometimes politics. Always entertaining to hear them talk. This was certified true when legendary Hip-Hop producer, Pete Rock made a guest appearance on ESPN’s “First Take.”

Host Cari Champion and co-host Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless showed respect to the legacy of the New York producer. “He’s a bad boy. He’s worked with every Hip-Hop artist in the business,” said Stephen A. “Not just Hip-Hop, but the Mary J. Blige(s) of the world, obviously Run-DMC, my homeboys from Hollis, Queens. We all know what he’s done.”

I especially loved – being that I’m a huge Lakers and Kobe Bryant fan – when Pete Rock praised Kobe’s skills, “He’s very talented.”

Another highlight is when they feuded over Rick Bayless saying Jay-Z isn’t a great performer. LOL


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