GNSF! Ghana Rapper Rips Your Heart Open With His Beat

GN$F!’s heart skipped a beat and got ripped wide open to this touching beat-bumping track by Ghana rapper, Kobi Onyame. The emcee from Ghana who used to live in the U.K. but now lives in Scotland is really ill. His track “Hearbeat” featuring ethereal Atlanta vocalist Danay Mariney, takes you on a ride through his mental thought process. Onyame begins with, “I wish I had a little bit longer. A days to short for the way my mind wonders….”

The track is from his self-released and self-produced Green Green Grasses (2011). Onyame says, “I wanted a way to portray my ideas on life.”

“The chorus of the song says: ‘My heart is on fire, burning through space.’ At the end, it says: ‘Go, go where my feet can’t go.’ Both lines say two completely different things to me. I wanted to portray that in life, we sometimes catch feelings about different situations. Our hearts burn for love, success, etc., and our hearts sometimes burns so much that we don’t want it anymore. But regardless of the pain, we carry on.”

WATCH “Heartbeat”

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