GNSF! [EDITORIAL] Debunking ‘Blood is thicker than water’ saying

I’ve seen a lot of good,  I’ve seen a lot of bad. With the bad experiences you learn most, that’s if you’re not dummy – dummies likely to do the same things over and over. Most importantly, you learn how important trust and loyalty are. Once it’s been chipped at, it’ll never be the same. I’ve also learned that your own blood can betray you in the worst way. Family members get fooled by, betrayed by their own blood or companions over money and other frivolous things. They go back to trusting them because it’s their family or because they’re the parent of your child. Well, I’m here to say fu@# that, ok!

They’ll try to say “blood is thicker than water” to settle and make peace with the family member I got news for you. You’re stupid for believing that family all over others. And it doesn’t mean your family member is impervious from getting the middle finger salute because the original meaning is:

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,”
“My relationship with those to whom I am joined in covenant is to be considered of more value than the relationship with a brother with whom I may have shared the womb.”

So reconsider things when trying to make amends with the traitor. People need to start respecting period. And if you don’t like someone tell them. If someone is doing wrong call them out on it and if it means on Twitter and Facebook, do it. Make them accountable. No one should fu#@ with your money, companions, or livelihood. And if they do..POOF BE GONE. You’re dirt.

Yes, family is everything but friends can be too. Ask yourself, ‘would they took a bullet for me?’ or are they there when you’ve hit a rough patch without passing judgement. If yes, that person is a keeper and someone you can say they’re BLOOD for life. All others are acquaintances or the enemy.


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