GN$F! Watch Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Bitch Bad’ Video

GN$F! loves what Lupe Fiasco is accomplishing by making #bitchbad a TT. I was going to write about it but Rap Fix wraps its up perfectly:

If you missed Wednesday’s episode of “RapFix Live,” Lupe Fiasco dropped by to premiere the new video for his Food & Liquor II single “Bitch Bad” and discuss his reason for penning the song to begin with. The clip follows a young boy and girl, who are exposed to the concept of “bad bitches” in hip-hop in separate environments, and a few years later we see how they have internalized the word.

The video, directed by Gil Green, even takes things a step further by incorporating images of blackface, ending with a tribute to deceased actor Paul Robeson and any other entertainers who’ve struggled through the humiliating ordeal.

When he joined Sway on the red couch, Lupe broke down the track a little bit. “I just wanted to have a conversation, just put it out in the world and then see what happens,” he said. “I think it’s something that’s very subtle, the idea of it, the ‘bad bitch’ its very subtle, but it definitely has some destructive elements to it, especially when you look at who it’s been marketed towards, and that’s why we put the children in the video.”

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