GNSF! Why Los Rakas Aren’t The Average Rap Group

Los Rakas aren’t your everyday hardcore bling-bling, we got bitches type of rap group. Being bicultural adds a fresh dynamic to how they make music. They’re music is Hip-Hop en Español, which is a gray area for American rap fans but nevertheless they’re Hip-Hop. They bring the lyrics and bridge the gap between the fans of Latin-Afro rhythms and rap music.

Los Rakas are currently on tour with Chile’s finest, Anita Tijoux, and this is a milestone in Latin rap music.  Raka Dun (Panamanian) Raka Rich (Panamanian-American) are cousins and dub themselves as Panabay because they live in the Bay area, hence Panabay. The duo have been going hard in the paint to bring their blend of Hip-Hop to the people with their upcoming release “Raka Party.” CNN en Español has also taken notice of the group’s contagious spirit and sound. How do they classify their sound?

“Our music is from the heart. We don’t have limits,” explains Raka Rich.

Los Rakas have found a way to produce music that tell stories about the ills of our society like their recent audio leak “Hablamos del Amor,” which speaks on the unjust deaths of our own, Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin. They also know how to make party music that catches the spirit of their native Panama and American Hip-Hop, just listen to “Bien Ribetiao” then they got their Ladies Love Los Rakas music with a song “Copita de Champagna.” They’re music embodies everything nice: cultura, Hip-Hop, love/relationships, and politics. Let’s not forget the dirty side with “Ta Lista.” It’s no wonder they’ve been able to build a huge fan base with the ladies. What’s unique about their audiences is there are lots of couples in attendance sharing the Raka Love — you don’t really see this at rap shows nowadays, back in the 80s we did, but not now.

Raka Dun and Raka Rich got the “swaggerific” personalities that light up the place which is so often missed with rappers today. And like their Father of the Bay, E-40, they give birth to new vocabulary for you to memorize whether you’re ready or not. They’re latest to add to your urban dictionary:

Bien Ribetiao – (adj.) Panamanian slang word for ‘well dressed’ or ‘swaggin.’

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