GNSF! [VIDEO] Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’ Trailer Released

Spike Lee is the mutha-fu*&ing man! The director of legendary unforgettable films: “Do The Right Thing” and “Malcolm X,” Lee has openly discussed his pride surrounding his status as an independent filmmaker. At Sundance, he said:

“We never went to the studios with this film, I told you!” he shouted. “We said, ‘Were gonna do this motherfucking film ourselves and show it at Sundance…. This whole thing was planned out.” Of the studios, he added, “They know nothing about black people. And they gonna give me notes about what a young black boy and girl gonna do in Red Hook? Fuck no! We had to do it ourselves!”

NY: #RedHookSummer opens Friday, 8/10- Landmark Sunshine, AMC Empire 25, AMC Magic Johnson Harlmem 9 & BAM Rose Cinemas
Spike Lee


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