GNSF! Lauryn Hill’s Mug Shot Released

Pay your taxes, is the lesson
. IRS is making an example of Hip-Hop’s Queen, Lauryn Hill. The mugshot for Lauryn Hill emerged today as the Grammy award-winning singer awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to misdemeanor tax evasion charges on June 29. Hill now faces a possible three-year prison sentence after admitting she failed to file her taxes from 2005 to 2007.

Hill explains: “My intention has always been to get this situation rectified. When I was working consistently without being affected by the interferences mentioned above, I filed and paid my taxes. This only stopped when it was necessary to withdraw from society, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of myself and my family.”

L-Boogie is out unsecured 150,000 bond and her sentencing trial will be on November 27.

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