GNSF! [VIDEO] Diss-Track: ‘F The White Girl Mob starring Kreayshawn’

If you’re a traditional Hip-Hop fan and you’re confused on Kreayshawn’s dubious success, you may love San Diego rapper Princess Leah’s latest diss-track: “F The White Girl Mob Starring Kreayshawn.” What gives this song more legitimacy is the beef comes from a fellow White rapper. Princess Leah doesn’t hold back on her penmanship skills either to lecture the Bay area White Girl Mob artist (for those that don’t know: Kreayshawn lays the questions to rest, she’s not a rapper, she’s an artist). WATCH & COMMENT.

It’s so hard being a white girl rappin’ about thuggin’ in a white wash world.
White girl fraud white girl slob buncha cluckin chickens in a white girl mob
I don’t do cocaine no powder in my brain I don’t get high I hold a Med its not the same
They on that rich whore that coke slore 2nd hand flow from a dump store
Fake rappers don’t want war just ignore n front more
Chop it up sniff it up ill smack a bitch up. Chop it up sniff what? Ill smack ya bitch up
Shes a Lil B biter, Waka Flocka dick rider while Gucci all up inside her
White girl mob is all for hire, buy her a pair of sneakers, shorty look like a tweaker
Show me ya last feature n ill tell you how you livin, you roll with a pussyhole who like to beat on women

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video shot by Ocean

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