GNSF! ‘Urban Legends’ Auction Artwork Graffiti Exhibit

You may have just missed out on 45 years worth of graffiti artwork. But GN$F! was there and given a personal tour by Shawni D ( to see the works of 31 incredible artists from around the world, including Los Angeles’s Mear One, ABCNT, Estevan Oriol, Pablo Cristi (GN$F! favorite), Chaz Bojorquez, Judy Baca, YOU Davis, to name a few.

Artworks were auctioned off as high $27,000. The event was organized by the Oakland-based, Estria Foundation; L.A.-based, Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles; L.A. Art Machine; and Do Art Foundation. The exhibit opened April 27 at the L.A. Mart and Design Center in Downtown L.A. and officially closed May 26 with City Proclamation certificates awarded to muralists: Kent Twitchell, Judy Baca, Jim Prigoff, and Tempt One, by Kamilla Blanche, the Senior Deputy for Arts and Culture & Director for Sister Cities on behalf of Councilmember Tom LaBonge’s Office.

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