GNSF! [DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE] The Doobie Brothas V1 hosted by Crooked I & DJ Far


The Circle of Bosses (C.O.B.) affiliates from Watts, CA., Sauce tha Boss and Big Phote, have teamed up to form The Doobie Brothas. They just dropped their first mixtape hosted by DJ Far and the C.O.B. general, Crooked I. Download now!

  1. Intro Skit
  2. We Be Smokin That Dope
  3. CrookedTupac Skit
  4. High Times {Smoke That Dope Boy}
  5. The “W”
  6. Crooked I Skit (Pandemonium)
  8. All Nite/All Day
  9. Killa Smoke Skit
  10. Mission Impossible
  11. ILL ft. HorseShoe G.A.N.G.
  12. Crooked I Skit “Wasted”
  13. COB Wasted
  14. Weed Abuse
  15. Rep That COB
  16. Crooked I Skit (Strip Club)
  17. Doobie Clap
  18. Watts Connected
  19. Pimpin Skit
  20. Pimpin Aint Easy
  21. HA-HA
  22. In My City
  23. Crooked I Outro Skit

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