GNSF! Why you don’t know a thing about karma and Rick Ross


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People always love to use the word “karma” in the context of revenge, retribution, or punishment to make themselves feel better when they are hurt. It always comes from the mouths of people who know nothing about karma nor practice the religions of Hinduism or Buddhism.

Listen, karma doesn’t work that way. The world would be an awful place if that were true. You won’t hear karma being explained as such from someone who practices the religion, either.

Karma is more about cause and effect. Action and reaction which, governs all things in life. Good cannot live without evil, they go hand-in-hand whether you want to believe it or not.

It was a powerful gesture on the part of the Real Freeway Ricky when he gave rapper, Rick Ross, a well wishes tweet in response to his recent seizure on a plane, which was forced an emergency landing to save the rapper. This was a major score because it will probably calm Black Twitter down from making any more negative, childish comments about the rapper’s weight.

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Bad people get away with a lot of  evil things for a long time. Look at Wall Street fat cats, crooked politicians; the Bernie Madoff’s and Lindsey Lohans of the world – must I go on? My point is, if planned right, their bad deeds can actually succeed despite it hurting or pissing off others.

Good people can do positive things and not reap benefits, if they don’t plan it intelligently, he/she will get burned. Instead, a tough lesson can be learned or – go the naive route – feel really hurt and say the famous response, “Karma will get them, what goes around comes around.” Nope.

Breathe like Fabolous.

What you have to do is take some basics from the game of chess. You have to decide your how your next move will affect the rest of the board. Will you gain two pieces, only to later get gobbled down to a “check mate”?

Or, take example a lesson from the epic poem I read from “The Bhagavad Gita”:

One of the first and most dramatic illustrations of Karma can be found in the Bhagavad Gita. In this poem, Arjuna the protagonist is preparing for battle when he realizes that the enemy consists of members of his own family and decides not to fight. His charioteer, Krishna (an avatar of god), explains to Arjuna the concept of dharma (duty) among other things and makes him see that it is his duty to fight. The original Hindu concept of karma was later enhanced by several other movements within the religion, most notably Vedanta, and Tantra.

Now do you get it? Learn to use karma to your advantage. Every decision has its own destiny. Stop hoping that karma will be your angel of revenge. Do what’s best for you.

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