GN$F! Inner-city-kid Farrah Gray is a Reallionaire at age 14

How Inner-City-Kid Farrah Gray Became A Millionaire By 14

How Inner-City-Kid Farrah Gray Became A Millionaire By 14

Want to know a Black man that’s doing it the white-way? Get to know Dr. Farrah Gray. This inner-city-kid raised by a hardworking single mother in 80s Chi-town-My-Town, learned from example and started becoming quite the entrepreneur. He told AOL Jobs that he credits the poverty of his childhood as the great motivating factor. It was a way of saying, no way to a future of more poverty.

At six, he started painting and selling rocks as bookends and doorstops. Then Gray moved on to door-to-door selling body lotion at $1.50 a pop. What hood don’t need lotion? By 14-years-old he became big business teen millionaire.

“There’s no idea dumb enough you can’t get at least a billion people to buy into,” he says about his first $50 profit. He began by painting and refashioning the rocks to make them into bookends and doorstops.

“It’s the spirit of the Third World entrepreneur,” he says. “You have to create your own job. You can’t wait to rely on Exxon or Wal-Mart to hire you. And that’s the spirit I try to teach to young entrepreneurs.”

Watch Dr. Farrah Gray’s story!

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