GN$F! Beyoncé confirms pregnancy at Mtv VMAs

Beyonce Confirms Pregnancy at 2011 Mtv VMAs

Beyonce Confirms Pregnancy at 2011 Mtv VMAs

Wowzers Cadowzers, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are three month preggos! The anticipation of when the royal hip-hop couple would finally become parents has finally reached  its breaking point and there’s probably a lot of happy fans out there looking forward to seeing this couple have their first child.

Beyoncé showed off her baby bump on the red carpet at the 2011 Mtv VMAs and even sang her heart out onstage with “Love On Top.” At the end of the song she opened up her sequined blazer to pose for a moment and proudly rubbed her belly. Jay-Z was backstage with a big a smile looking like a happy father to-be backstage with Kanye West at  his side jumping like a proud uncle.

“I always said I would have a baby at 30,” said the 30 year-old singer whose birthday is September 4.


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