GN$F! WATCH: Jay-Z + Kanye West ‘Watch The Throne’ doc before it’s offline

GNSF Watch The Throne Jay-Z Kanye West

GNSF Watch The Throne Jay-Z Kanye West

It’s amazing how far this brotherly-like relationship has gone between Jay-Z and Kanye West, both have managed to – collaboratively and separately – to take hip-hop to an elevated state of artistry.

In the 11-minute “Watch The Throne” documentary – set in the gothic-like areas of Sydney, Australia – Jay-Z states and defends his “little brother” West.

“[Kanye] He’s really like a brother to me … I’m watching the guy who I pretty much mentored become his own guy with his own opinion … It’s fantastic,” Jay-Z said. “He came to the studio and he’s like, ‘I rap.’ And he’d be like rapping on the table. He’s the same way – that’s why I respect him. Nobody could tell me nothing – like he’s not acting out. He’s not showing out ’cause he’s successful.”

Actor, Russell Crowe even gets a cameo in the doc and a name mention in one of West’s lyrics for the “Watch The Throne” album. He gives Crowe a handshake and said, “You’ve made it into rap history, man.”

Beyoncé makes modest appearances throughout the flick serving more as a supportive role to her boyfriend, Jay-Z.

Watch the documentary before it gets taken offline.

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