GN$F! Malcolm X Famous Line “… Plymouth Rock landed on us!”

Malcolm X on Easter Sunday night, 1964, recited one of his most famous lines, you know the one about Plymouth Rock landing on us? When I first saw Denzel Washington as Malcolm X recite that speech, it was mesmerizing and utterly unforgettable. Spike Lee took some creative license on where the speech actually took place, but it was well done and very revealing of how charismatic and intelligent Malcolm X was.

“We are Africans, and we happen to be in America. We are not Americans. We are a people who formerly were Africans who were kidnaped and brought to America. Our forefathers weren’t the Pilgrims. We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock; the rock was landed on us. We were brought here against our will; we were not brought here to be made citizens. We were not brought here to enjoy the constitutional gifts that they speak so beautifully about today. Because we weren’t brought here to be made citizens–today, now that we’ve become awakened to some degree, and we begin to ask for those things which they say are supposedly for all Americans, they look upon us with a hostility and unfriendliness.”

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