GN$F! Ay carumba, meet G.O.P. lady presidential hopeful, Michele Bachmann

Palins and Bachmanns and G.O.P.’s OH NO!

Yezzzir! The news is in – not only does Sarah Palin think of outdoing Obama as President – but so does Minnesota congresswoman, Michele Bachmann.

She boldly told ABC News, “I don’t think the President will be re-elected.” Bachmann also stated that she would confirm her running by summer this year.

Being that Bachmann is a G.O.P. like her fellow Sarah Palin – how does she feel about running against Palin?

“I love Sarah Palin. I love her. She is a wonderful individual. I’m privileged to get to know her and she is a lovely individual. My decision will be based on whether or not I think I need to run. I wouldn’t see myself as running against a Republican competitor. What I would see myself as running as the nominee against President Obama. That’s where I see the matchup. My quarrel is not with other republicans.”

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