GN$F! What a jerk, jealous husband tattoos wife’s cheek

Wei Shengxiong, a jealous Chinese man, suspected his wife, Xiaowei, of having an extra-marital affair. His imagination got the best of him and he cruelly tattooed the word “degrading” (下贱: xiajian: degrading, cheap, lowly…) on his wife’sright-side cheek. After a successful investigation, the local police station arrested Wei Shengxiong and seized piercer, bandage, towel and other tools used in the crime on April 3.

Turns out the husband had other unwarranted jealous rages throughout their marriage. Wei Shengxiong felt their first child did not resemble him, and that it couldn’t possibly be his child– and the first-born must be from an affair from the one night she worked late. He forced her to take a DNA test and to his surprise, the child was indeed his.

“Is this the first time he abused you?” a reporter asked Xiaowei.

“No. He has a bad temper,” said Xiaowei. In 2007, her ex-love came back from the army and they came across each other. Wei Shengxiong went into another jealous rage accusing Xiaowei of having another alleged affair with the ex-lover. In 2008, he once held a fruit knife to his wife’s mother and accused her of failing to educate her daughter on female virtues.

What’s the wife to do? “All I want to do is to get a divorce and get plastic surgery. My figure has already been destroyed. I have to wear a mask when I go out,” says Xiaowei. She’s DONE. Here’s a picture of the asshole.

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