GN$F! Rap Quickies: Dirty Business! Amber Rose vs Natalie Nunn Flava Flava vs Chicken Revok1 vs L.A. TAGRS

Looks like Flava Flav Chicken is closing down. The rapper-turned-reality star is ending his business relationship with partner, Nick Cimino, due to mismanagement. Flav told TMZ, “I had a licensing agreement with Nick Cimino and that’s all we had. It was his business to run from there and the business was not run right.” Besides the relationship, Flav also complained the food was a problem too, “Let me be straight up with you, I went up inside there on April 2 and I found potato salad that expired on February 28. And it’s then when I realized I can’t do business with this man and I really hope no one ate those potatoes.”

Besides that, Flava Flav Chicken employees are firing back for lack of payment. One employee, Kelly Butler, said she was stiffed for a meager amount, “My check was only $150 and they couldn’t even cash it,” Butler told Iowa’s TV WQAD news station. Cimino and Flav claim they do have money in their accounts and have fired 15-20 employees recently for a variety of reasons. Who fires that many employees at a fast food spot? This smells fishy all-around.

Don’t you hate when reality stars heads blow up so big? Well, Natalie Nunn, Bad Girl’s Club and former girlfriend of Wiz Khalifa, is doing anything and everything to make Amber Rose look bad. Nunn went as far as exposing Rose as a deadbeat employer saying that Rose’s former assistant complained to Nunn via Blackberry  , “[She] just recently quit on Amber Rose because the b*tch ain’t got no money to pay for her motherf*cking assistant. Yo, yo, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. These n*ggas can go ahead and sugarcoat whatever the f*ck they want — when I put my motherf*cking money in the bank every day, that’s my motherf*cking money.”

Nunn’s diatribe continued when she started to assert her feelings on Wiz and Amber being together, “You want to f*cking come behind me and f*cking pick up my f*cking crumbs like a f*cking peasant that you are? A f*cking peasant, picking up crumbs, picking up f*cking dollars, taking your f*cking clothes off for some f*cking dollars and bending over and picking the sh*t up? … You’re a sloppy seconds a** b*tch…Amber Rose, yes, I f*cking said it.”

What was Amber’s response? “@Missnatalienunn Oh & I know where u live too I’ll send u pretty roses from Wiz & I 2 let u know you’ll be ok. Enjoy ur time in houston :-)”

Remember the article I posted about Los Angeles mayor’s TAGRS initiative? Well Revok1, one of Los Angeles’ best known graffiti writers of Mad Society Kings (MSK), is feeling the pain. The artist was arrested as he prepared to board a plane to Ireland at Los Angeles International Airport, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported.

Jason Williams, a.k.a. Revok1, was taken into custody Thursday for an outstanding arrest warrant for failing to pay restitution, according to sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker.

Revok1 is being held in the Los Angeles County Jail in lieu of $320,000 bail, a bit excessive don’t you think? As if, he committed murder or robbery. Looks like Los Angeles just wants to make an example out of Revok1 to send a message that TAGRS is in full effect. Boooooooo!

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