GN$F! Dumbest criminal! Gangster’s murder scene tattoo leads to conviction

WTFlocka?! A Pico Rivera, Calif. male, Anthony Garcia, 25, Rivera-13 gang member, got himself a one-way ticket to prison for murder, thanks to his brazen chest tattoo depicting him murdering his rival, John Juarez.

In 2004, Garcia in cold-blooded murder shot Juarez in front of a liquor store. His chest tattoo illustrates the murder scene in full detail. Garcia, also known as Chopper, has himself depicted as a helicopter aiming bullets at, Mr. Peanut, which is a known alias for Juarez’s gang.

Garcia manage to avoid arrest for years until police pulled him over for driving under a suspended license in 2008. Because Garcia appeared to be an active member of the Rivera-13 gang, police snapped pictures of his tattoos, along with his mugshot over the years, so if you look at his photos one can the progression of the murder scene tattoo – new elements being tattooed over time .

Det. Sgt. Kevin Lloyd was looking through pictures of gang members’ tattoos for leads on another crime when one image looked strangely familiar. Lloyd was a sergeant at the Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Station when the murder occurred Jan. 23, 2004, at Mr. Ed’s Liquor store. He also had made attempts to convincing Juarez to get out of his gang before it got too late. Unfortunately, the latter was the demise of Juarez.

Lloyd calls the tattoo a, “crime scene sketch and a confession.” Even the trajectory of the bullets matched to what happened to Juarez, Lloyd said.

Garcia’s getaway driver, fellow gang member Robert Armijo, pleaded guilty to the crime and testified against Garcia in order to receive the lesser sentence, a 20-year prison sentence.

“He’s an extremely arrogant man, but not stupid. He got away with this murder for awhile,” Deputy District Attorney Brock Lunsfordsaid. “He was proud of what he did. His arrogance just got the better of him.”

“This is very extraordinary,” said Lunsford. “You see him as an exhibit because he has such detail. The victim is actually [falling] down in the right place. The copter is shooting from the right to the left. There is even a curve to the light post, which is a pretty unusual type of light post.”

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