GN$F! Jimmy Kimmel: Penelope Cruz loves to do Eminem karaoke

Penelope Cruz appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new film Pirates of the Caribbean. While on the show they talked about how drama-free it is to work with her co-star Johnny Depp; how much her and her sister, Monica look-alike; and that while she doesn’t love AC/DC as much as her hubby, Javier Bardem, she certainly appreciates their music. Kimmel asked, “So what music do you listen to?” She responded, “Anything: classical music, rap, pop, rock.” Really? Who knew the Oscar winning actress was a rap fan but you’ll be surprised to know what she does alone in her house.

Jimmy Kimmel: Do you have any particular favorites?

Penelope Cruz: I like rapping in karaoke.

Jimmy Kimmel: Oh Karaoke rapping, really?

Penelope Cruz: But I only know one song.

Jimmy Kimmel: What song do you know?

Penelope Cruz: Eminem: Two trailer park girls go round the outside. That’s the only one.

Jimmy Kimmel: Do you do a lot of karaoke?

Penelope Cruz: I have a karaoke at home. I am one of those people that do it by themselves. And I am not embarrassed to say.

Jimmy Kimmel: Does Eminem know you do his song?

Penelope Cruz: I hope not. [laughing] I’m scared of what he would say.

Jimmy Kimmel: I’m sure he would be delighted.

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