GN$F! WTFLocka?! Gold Diggin’ Kelis Won’t Pay Undocumented Maid

Illegal Alien to Kelis: You Stiffed Me!

Illegal Alien to Kelis: You Stiffed Me!

Gold Diggin' Kelis Won't Pay Undocumented Maid

WTFlocka?!!! Is this the same Kelis who was arguing in court how bad she needed $25,000 in monthly spousal slash child support from former hubby rapper Nas because she had a lifestyle to upkeep? (GN$F! is a little upset that named the maid “illegal alien” rather than the appropriate term “undocumented resident”). So ahem, the undocumented resident maid was promised $150/day and worked six weeks, totaling $900. So, why come Kelis can’t pay up?

This just goes to prove my theory on her: gold-digging and crazy. She don’t play fair. C’mon Kelis pay the poor woman.

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